Streamline Your Workshop Reading with Kindle

If you are involved in a writer’s workshop group you know that reading and tracking comments for all of your workshop reading  can be a challenge.   It’s easy to mail out the docs or post them on a digital share, but you then need to either print them or read them on  your computer–which I find to be tedious.

If you have a Kindle you can import common file types directly into a native Kindle format.  This allows you to comfortably page through the manuscript just like a Kindle book.  Plus it allows you to annotate the manuscript directly  in the file and then export those notes later to a word processor.

Even if you still need to mark up the hard copy this process makes it easier to keep up with your reading and you can easily transfer your kindle notes to the hard copy document manually.

Here are the steps:

  1. Find your Kindle’s email address on the Manage your Devices page at Manage Your Kindle.
  2. Attach the document you want to read on the Kindle to an e-mail addressed to your Send-to-Kindle e-mail. Note: Documents can only be sent to your Kindle devices or apps from e-mail accounts that you added to your Approved Personal Document E-mail List.
  3. To have a document converted to Kindle format (.azw), the subject line should be “convert” when e-mailing a personal document to your Send-to-Kindle address.

To make this even easier I add a contact on my phone and when someone emails me a document it is simple to forward the mail, adding “convert” to the subject and within minutes I am reading on my Kindle.
You can also send files from your browser or your desktop.  Detailed instructions and policies can be found here:

Note that there is different email address for each physical or computer based Kindle device.

This service is free if your Kindle is on wifi, but Amazon charges a fee if you are syncing it through whisper net.

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